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A friend is an angel, someone that's true, an angel I love and who loves me 2, someone who cares in everything I do, a friend, an angel, 2 me that YOU!

The people we meet are not given 2 us by chance nor by fate, instead they are given by God as blessings called friends. I'm thankful you're 1 of those blessings.

A friends is there before you know it
To lend a hand before ou ask it
To give love before you need it
And there you were before I knew it!!

People say you need treasure maps 2 find treasure... I proved them wrong... I found you!!

We gain and lose things everyday but trust 1 thing! you will never lose me... I'll always be here 2 care 4 you and make you happy

Friend test: Once you receive this; a) txt back if you like me b) miss call if you care c) call if you love me d) txt back a joke if you're a friend e) do nothing if you really hate me.. OK, game!

I've made so stupid mistakes in my life, but something I did right was 2 have you as my friend and I definitely won't make a stupid mistake of losing someone like you!!

Friends are little angels brought to us by God. They walk with us through good and bad times, they shelter us from all the hurts and pains, most of all they treasure us with love. Take care little Angel!!

Prayer is an open line 2 heaven. No card 2 use, no low batt problem, no error, no charging, good signal and all messages sent... so I asked him 2 watch over my little angel

Friendship is earned by those who accept each other 4 what they are and 4 what they only have. TRUST and RESPECT flows in it 2 make it lasting

I opened my wallet and found it empty, I reached in my pocket and found a few coins, I searched in my heart and found you there then I felt like the richest person in the world

A smile is a language even a baby understand. It costs nothing but it credits much. It happiness in a flash but the memory of it may last 4ever. Keep smiling!

It's easy 2 say I hate you if you know you're hurt, it's easy 2 say I'm sorry if you know your fault, but most importantly, it's easy 2 say I love you if you know it's worth... Love you my Friend!

What is life? w/o someone 2 love. What is love? w/o someone 2 share. What is sharing? w/o someone 2 care.
What is caring? w/o a friend. What is a friend? w/o you...

Don't you find it magical that in a world full of people, God paved the way 4 us 2 be friends? I thank him with all my heart that I was given the chance 2 know you!

Good friendship doesn't mean you have 2 see and talk 2 each other everyday. It's all about being there in times of one's need

We met each other by chance, became friends by choice, still friends by decision and when we say Friends 4ever, that's definitely a lifetime promise.


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