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Welcome to Wireless Concept!  We are dedicated in bringing you the best-of-the-best of messages used for SMS popularized by text addicts which cause clogs and delays in cell phone networks.  Feel free to forward these messages to your friends and fellow text addicts.  Terms

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NTC seeks more teeth to go after text pranksters
The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) will ask Congress at its next regular session to come up with legislation to empower the commission to cut the cell phone services of those found to be ...
Globe Handyphone provides job info services via cell phone
Come March or April this year, after their graduation ceremonies and celebration parties are over, a lot of college graduates will come out in the real world to begin the first steps of their professional careers. 
Text messaging is the way to 3G-like services
The best route to the high-tech world of 3rd generation wireless services is through humble text messaging, the head of the Philippines’ largest mobile phone company said in a recent CNBC-Asia interview. 

Cell Phone Courtesy
Cell Phone Etiquette is overlooked. Improper use can annoy people. Here are some guidelines on how we should use our cell phones. 
Brain Cancer and Cell Phones 
People speculate that microwave radiation emitted by mobile phone can cause abnormal growth of cells in the brain. 

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