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Iniabot kay ERAP ng kanyang personal secretary ang kanyang cellphone at sinabing, "Sir may voicemail ho kayo" ERAP: syempre! lalaki ako e alangang girls mail ang akin!

kises blwn r kises w8sted kises rnt kises nles deyr tasted kises spread germs & r h8d so kis me baby im vacinatd

i like you, i adore you, i feel you, i cer 4 u, i cherish u, i wanna b w/ u... DO I GET A GIFT?

kahit NISSAN ka STAREX ka ng buhay ko, masKIAnong mangyari, HONDA kitang pagMAZDAn at SUZUmpang SUZUKIlian ka ng buong katapatan. DODGE what friends are FORD!

I may not be your PEPSI choice of the new generation; I may not be ur COKE, only the real thing; or your NIDO, world's no. 1 but i can be your REXONA I won't let you down

When I was lost you were there, when i was down you were there, when i was heartbroken you were there. When I got really sick you were there. ABA...ABA..., hindi kaya ikaw ang malas sa buhay ko?

I sent an angel 2 watch over u kanina returnd 2 me and said: "Grabe! ang cute niya!" Binatukan ko nga! Umagang-umaga, laseng!

PATIENT: "doc can u give me an advise or medication 4 my pimples?
DOCTOR; " u can solve ur own problem bt u must follow my advise"...
PATIENT: "wat advise?"
DOCTOR:" Pls eat some bananas...."
PATIENT: "Y bananas"?
DOCTOR: can u bring me a monkey with a pimple?!!!

()""()Pag to
( -.-)nkakita ng
(,) )cute
( -.-)
(,) )
( 0.0)
(,) )
Naku!! napasobra! SPR CT ka "daw?"

ERAP disguises himself, went to a mall 2 buy a TV.
ERAP: magkano itong TV miss?
SALESLADY: P8,000 po sir ERAP
ERAP: ha! pano mo nalaman c ERAP ako?
SALESLADY: microwave po kc yan, hindi TV

A frend is lyk a pillow, u can hug it when ur in trobol. U can cry on it when ur in pain & u can embrace it when ur happy. Always remember dat if u need a frend, BILI KA NG PILLOW.


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