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what's this thing called love? love is the melody that breathes passion into a song or the rhyme that's spells magic into a poem. unless you love someone nothing else makes any sense.

People seldom say I love you. and when they do its either too late or the love is gone...but when I say I love you, it doesn't mean you have to stay but I wish you'll never go away.

to have someone to love is not a gift, but a choice. to have someone to love you back, now that's a gift. cherish it while you can, treasure it with all your heart

forever is not a word but a place, and only love can bring you there. you can't achieve for ever by yourself... it has 2 be thru the wings of love with someone close to your heart...

Live life 1 day at a time, share it with people who matter most 2 you. 4 life is a little jar of memories and experiences so fill it with love and happiness

In life there are rare chances that you'll meet someone you truly love and who'll love you in return. So once you find that person don't ever let go coz that chance might never come 2 you again

sometimes, love makes a BIG scar n your heart. b happy 4 that scar because d bigger d scar, d better you've love! 

sometimes pain s d price we pay 4 love... but know what? love s so great that somehow, it's worth d pain! 

expressing love s never 2 late nor 2 early... love has no expiry date, it even grows as time passes by... 

people come, people go, but your 1 nice person 2 know, so m taking this chance 2 send u a warm "hello" w/ a fondest thoughts wherever u may go! 

It takes a min. 2 have a crush on someone, an hour 2 like someone, and a day 2 love someone. but it takes a lifetime 2 really 4get someone you have grown 2 love

What is life? w/o someone 2 love. What is love? w/o someone 2 share. What is sharing? w/o someone 2 care.
What is caring? w/o a friend. What is a friend? w/o you...

you can't choose who you will love, but you also can't just love who chooses you. Love is a matter of meeting the right person at the right time.

Life ain't easy... You have 2 be wrong 2 learn what's right; Stumble 2 persevere; Hurt 2 be stronger; Fall 2 rise again; Lose 2 try harder and love 2 pursue them all

BE careful 2 whom you give your heart 2. coz when you give your heart 2 someone, you're not only giving that person the right 2 love you, but the power 2 hurt you.

Love... no matter how hard you find, you won't see it... no mater how hard you try, you won't get it but when you're about 2 give up... IT COMES!! just like when you came!

A tear fell when I saw you in the arms of someone, a tear fell when you left me all alone in the blue, a tear fell when you said your love wasn't for me I didn't miss the teardrops but I miss you!!!

QT- you're the one I hug so tight, you're the one I dream of at night, always remember that I'll forever be true, each and every second my heart belongs to you

QT- every time you hurt me only these words enter my mind I LOVE YOU STILL. And every time you hurt me, more of these words enter my heart I LOVE YOU MORE!

Don't shed your tears for someone who hurt you. Don't long for that person if they left. Don't feel sorry if you failed when you tired your best. Someone is out there more deserved for your time and love!!! 

QT: ask me why I keep on loving you when its clear that you don't feel the same way for me…the problem with me is that as much as I cant force you to love me…I cant force myself to stop loving you!!!

I know its wrong for me to fall in love with you but I can't get through it and if choosing right means letting you go then let me be wrong forever

Love with your eyes open wide. Love can never be wrong; it's the people, time and place that go wrong learn from your mistakes and your achievements as well. Don't correct a mistake with another one.

QT: I love you! Why am I saying this to you? So that tomorrow if I don't wake up you'll remember that my final moment in life was spent in telling you how much you mean to me…

Though we're miles apart you're always in my heart, I close my eyes and wish I'm where you are. Even if it takes forever, even if I'll see you never, I'll always be here to care for you, far longer than forever."

Who are you to bother me so much? Who are you that can't make me sleep at night? When I hear your name my heart pound, I don't know what to do, God help me I think I'm falling in love with you.


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