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wen a gretng s snt frm a dstnce,u cnt hir d wshes,u cnt hir d wshs,u cnt c d u cn sens d afectn dat brought it frm afar..

B prsn fl f lv,sty simpl yet hppy. Wn things g wrng, dn't g bl, just pry & sy "i'l gt thrgh." Alwys rmmbr GOD LVS Y!

Bgin yr dy wth sml & njy ch pssng mmnt cz vrythng tht mght hppn tdy my nvr hppn gn tmrrw... be happy!

our faith does not lie in trusting God 2 stop da storm, but in trusting Him 2 enable us 2 walk tru da storm.. 4 in da midst of it, we begin 2see His grace.

I nvr PPrCit Cff w/o CRm,NytS w/o Lyts,Mls w/o riC,Hambgr w/o chs,& WHL DAy w/o "Grting ,HLL! GD Mrning.TCA,GOD BLSS,STAY HAPPY!

PEOPLE r made 2 b LOVED & THINGS r made 2 b USED. There's so much chaos n d world coz PEOPLE r being USED & THINGS r being LOVED. Somtng 2 think abt 2day.

Prayer is the most cleansing therapy of the heart and soul. It converts a hateful speech into a clean, kind and pure breath of spirit. 

Someday, somehow, wat u've always wished for will come true........ it may not be of d exact package, but it will always be wat God thinks s good for u.

Fr a happy lyF, alwys substitute all d"Expecting" w/"Accepting"! being hap s a choice...not by chance!

Whn JSS s t hm n smn's hrt, vn th mst rdnry fc shns w/ th bty tht cms frm w/n. Hv butfl day. Kp Smlng.

Its nt hw mny gls v rchd, bt hw mny lvs v tchd! Its nt wh knw tht mttrs, but wh r nsd r hrt...


i cn nvr chnge d dirction of d wind bt i cn adjst my sails 2 reach my dstnation w/c brought me 2 u. hpe we'l stay n touch 4 d rst of our lyvs.

hapi moments- PRAISE GOD; dfcult moments- SEEK GOD; quiet moments- WORSHP GOD; w8tng moments- TRUST GOD; painfl moments- TOUCH GOD; in-evry moment THANK GOD!

sum popl r cprted by tym, sum by dstns, sum by dfrncs, sum by pride...but no mater hw far fr each ader or hw difrnt we may b, il alwys b hir 4 u.

KP N SMiLiNG Life's challenges are designed not to break us,but to bend us toward GOD! TakeCare

U - U 2
D - DY
M - my Hv n
O - ovR flwg
R - RwRd
N - nd
I - nnR Pc
N - d Hv
G - gRt dy!  

Drms tOch yor hrt and sOl, t s mgcl mmOry tht nts fntsy and rlty. HOp y have th swtst drm tonight. :-)

God is truly wise: He let us know sadness so we may know joy, pain so we may know pleasure, war so we may seek peace, and hate so we may know LV. 


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