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Its jst 5-lttr wrd yt it ms s mch wh t s wrmly st jst t kp i tch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I N G T ! 

For all d nice msgs dat we'v shard, 4 d endles tym u've cared, 4 txtng me thru day and nyt, d jokes, d laughters and funny lines, 4 simply being ,

HELLO MEANS: H Hv missed me? E Everything lright? L Lyk 2b w/ L Lyk 2 see O Obviously i miss ! juz wanna say.. HELLO to YOU @>-

"Nevr gt dscrgd wn thngs g byod r xpctt, lwys rmmbr dt d gratst glry lif s vr fllng bt rsig vrytm fll." 

Mrning is d st tym t grt SPEC!AL FREND cz d rmining hurs sn will b usy...s i jst drppd y t sy "HI & TAKE CARE", kip n smiling! HvaNicDy

there's a reason for everything:a reason to give,a reason to live,a reason to love. bt if u cnt find a reason to smile, pls let me b ur reason..even 4 a while .

Gd Mrnng! Brkfst s rdy prpr r plt 4 crspy HI! cp f ht HELLO! 1 slc f GD AM & swt frsh rp frt f love. O t N, pr bsg K!

I wish u always wake up every morning realizing what a wonderful person u r & d world s blessed to have u as part of it. 

Dys r t bsy, hrs r t fw, scnds r t fst bt thr is lwys tim fr m t sy hll! 

B prsn fll f love. Stay simpl yet happy. Whn things g wrng, dnt g bl, just pry & say "i wil gt thrgh". Always rmmbr"GOD LOVES U!"

we need only 3 simple reasons 2 b truly happy:something 2 do,someone 2 care nd something 2 hope 4.May u find ol dis reasons everyday of ur life. 

The SECRET of life is not just to live, but to have something worth while to live for, for we only live once, but if we live right,once is enough.

dEy SaY dT As LoNg As At LiSt 1 pRsN CaReS 4 u, LyF iSnT a WaStE.So Wn ThiNgS gO tEriBly WrNg & u FiL Lyk GiVnG uP,tRy 2 RmMBeR dT i CaRe.Cz Ur So SpECiaL 2 Me

Start your day w/ a smil and enjoy each passing moment coz you know,everything that might happen today may nvr happn again tomorrow.

Lonely?Learn2 smile.Alone?Find some1 to share ur smile.Hurt?Cry it out & smile 2ment ur heart.Bored?Go out & see places dat will make u smile.

Mrnings ar the bst tim to be Pacful.. to Pondr on Things.. to Apprciat Lif.. to Plan your Day.. and to Thank God for all the Blssings. 

A dy my strt r nd wdt mssg frm m, bt blv m t wnt strt r nd wdt m thnkng f ...s, jst dd! 

PRAYER is d most cleansing therapy of d heart & soul.It converts d hateful speech into a clean,kind & pure breath of d spirit. 


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