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Look at the world around you,u'll see God's creativity.Look at the lunch table,u'll see God's providence.Look at d mirror,u'll see God's sense of humor 

an angel wrote:" many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart." i hope i made my mark there!

Let the sun greet you Good Morning! Hear the birds chirp hello! Hear from afar someone is calling... gladly proclaiming... TAHOOOO!

Life is not measured by the moments of breath you take but by the breath taking moments. 

tym s lyk river flowng..u cnt step n d same twice coz wat flows by will nver pass u cherish evry moment of ur lyf.! 

Focusing our attention - daily & hourly - not on what is wrong, but on what we love & value, allows us to participate in the birth of a better future, ushered in by the choices we make each & every day. 

Lyf is lyk a buk - everyday is a new page; may ur buk be a bestseller w/ adventure to tell, lessons 2 learn & tales of gud deeds 2 remember. 

Sleep tight, sleep bright. Sleep silently in d nite. Here's ur kiss (mwah!) Here's ur hug (hmmm) Here's ur cute angel (ahem) up above saying gud nite!

supose 1 mornin u nvr wke up do ol ur frndz knw u luv dem? somtyms 143 cen heal n bless so tel ol ur frnz dis 3 lil wrdz n c wat it can do. So juz in case i die 2nyt... I LOVE YOU!!! 

Funny where life takes you on the road: sometimes bumpy, often time curvy,or even maybe straight. Hitching with you made it worth the trip-- tnx for the ride! 

a relaxed mind,a peaceful soul ,a joyful spirit and a heart full of love..may u have all these TODAY AND EVERYDAY

All d best thngs in lyf r not meant 2 last. Thngs change & so do people. U can never hold on 2 sumthng 4ever so learn 2 live & let go. 

iCaNlOvUbTGodCaNlOvEuDeePeR.IcAnBAfRiEnDbTGoDCaNBu RbEsTfRiEnd.IcAnHuGBtGoDCnHuGuSSweeTeR.UcAnCryToMe BTgOdCaNdRyUrTeArs.IcAnHolDMyHanDBtGoDCaNCarRyU.

its good to have money and the things that money can buy, but its good too,to check up once in a while and make sure that you havent lost the things that money cannot buy! 

Little keys can open big locks, Simple words can express great thoughts. A txt from U never fails 2 make me smile d whole day through.

Each of us is a star.Sometimes we shine with the rest. Sometimes we twinkle alone. Sometimes when we least know it, we make someone's wish come true.

G0D s trly wse: H made sadness so we'd know joy,pan so we'd have pleasure,war so we'd seek peace, hte so we cn lov & a morning so we cn fce a new dy.

..In life, we seldm fnd a TRUE persn & if u ever fnd one, hld on and nver let go, value dt persn cz its lyfs gift wrth keep holdin on..Take Care!!

In LIFE, LOVE is never PLANNED nor does it happen 4 a REASON, but when da LOVE is REAL it bcoms ur PLAN 4 LIFE n ur REASON 4 LIVING.


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