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somewhere in your heart try to find a place for me, somewhere in your heart I won't care where it would be. one little corner may not mean so much to you, but one little corner is all I ask of you. 

life they say is touch and go. some people you know may only be there for sometime. some may go away, but people who find you special will always find ways to stay. 

can I say I love you today? of not, can I ask you again tomorrow? And the day after tomorrow? and the day after that? coz I'll be loving you every single day of my life. 

there's a light in your eyes, but its to bright to see, the pain in my heart where you used to be. I guess I was wrong to believe you were waiting for me, coz there's a light in your eyes but not for me.

I have the "I" I have the "l" I have the "o" I have the "v" I have the "e" so when can I have "u"? 

I'll start with I then flourish everything with LOVE... until forever takes me away from YOU. 

when I'm away from you, I'm still with you. when my eyes are closed, I could still see you. when I'm awake, I still dream of you. when I feel I have everything, I still need you. and no matter what, I'll always love you. 

what if I said "I like you", would you text back and say it's ok? what if I tell you "I miss you", would you go back and say you'll stay? how about if I confess that "I love you" would you ever text back? 

do you know that you're nice, you're sweet, you're thought of day by day, you're special, and you're kind, but there's one thing wrong about you.. you're not mine! 

words and hearts should be handled with care... for words when spoken and hearts were broken are the hardest things to repair. 

what's the difference between pleasure and torture? pleasure is thinking of you & torture is thinking of you to much. 

Being visible is not always the requirement for being close. It just takes some thoughtfulness and concern to capture the heart of a person.

Relationships r like traffic signs 1-way, 2-way, do not enter, no u turn, no left turn, but d best so far is give way and keep right. 

when u truly care for some1, you dont look for faults, you don't look for mistakes, instead you fight for the mistakes, you expect the faults and you overlook the excuses. 

someday some1 will hold you the way I do, someday som1 will say he loves you 2 but someday somehow this very someone will never love the way that I do loving som1 isn't about letting him fill an empty space nor search a missing piece... it's about letting him a space between your legs and fill it with his piece 

Don't you ever wonder y people txt u but have nothing important 2 say! it's 4 d simple reason.. your such a nice person to think of, like d way I'm thinking of you now 

IF accidentally biting your tongue means som1 is thinking of you, then I'm sorry but you'll be biting your tongue for the rest of your life coz som1 is always thinking of you. me 

people Fall in love not knowing y nor how. It's so special a feeling that it doesn't require much answers. U just love no matter how stupid u become. 

I ones life new friends come, some friends leave, hope u keep me in your heart as I keep you mine and I will never forget you no matter what happens 

Love is something special, a treasure I want to find... to others, love is blind but for me, its not true, coz when I fell in love...I saw you. 

Let love be the guide to your dreams, let love be the light to your heart, let your love be the reason why somebody else's heart still continuous to beat.


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