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f u been hurt by d person u love dont hurt him 2,he was wrong 2 let u go,even2ally he'll b hurt realzing what a fool he was 2 let go som1 lyk u!

F LdNt SpNd Vry 2d F mY LF bSd DN WLd rtHr wSt VrY 2d f T LKg t fRM d Sky d b w/ Sm1 Ls bT sTll dRMNg Of .

i alwys tink of U bt i alwys fail 2 knw d rison y?is der somtin els i shud knw abt U? bt ders 1 ting i knw dts tru..dt lyf wl alwys b sad w/o U!

W cr s much 4 smne, l fd evry possible way 2 let ur msgs get tru.Hope ul b able 2 rcv ds,so dat ul know how much i cre 4 u!

You can be a doctor and save people's lives; a lawyer who defends lives; a soldier who protects lives; or simply be yourself - a person who has touched my life!

If i had d letters "HRT" i can add "EA" 2 get a "HEART" or a "U" & get "HURT" but id rather choose "U" & get "HURT" dan hav a "HEART" w/o "U".

If rd dis, w m KISS, if rs dis w m HUG, if sv dis w m DATE, bt if rtrn dis txt t m w m ALL. 

If one star wil fall evrytime i mis u.. All stars wil be out of da sky now..So if ever there be no more stars 2nite its all ur fault...U make me mis u so much!

If You want me to love You, just tell me how....if you want me to leave You, then please tell me now, coz if I fall for You and to You I'll be true.......... I won't know what to do if ever I lose YOU. 

f the star wud fol 4 each tym i mis you the sky would be empty by now. so b4 theres no more stars left in the sky find the brightest one coz the lst time i did i met you

f it helps to know sum1 cares,i do! f it helps 2 know sum1 wil alwys b der, i do!f it helps to know sum1 is alwys willing to share, i do!-all bcoz u mean so much to me!

1 luk frm u mlts me slwly 
1 smyl frm u drvs me crzy
a touch from u loses my cntrl
a wrd frm u srrnders me all 

ill be yours until the sun doesnt shine, though time stand still, until the wind dont blow.When today is just a memry to me my love i still be luving u. 

wHen i'M aWaY fRoM U, i'M StiLL w/U.
wHeN mY eYeS R cLoSe, i StiLL c U.
wHeN i aM aWaKe, i StiLL dReAm oF U.
wHeN i kNoW i hAvE eVeRyThInG, i StiLL NeeD U.
AnD No mAtteR wHaT, i WiLL aLwAyS LOvE U.... 

wud u be kind to let urself be my teddy bear? some1 i cud hug, i cud kiss and i cud cry on. but dont worry about lukin for ur own teddy bear coz u already got me!!! 

Missing u secretly is a hard thing for me 2 do...hoping, wandering, wishing that u feel the same way too. i cant read ur mind if u miss me 2, but whatever it is ill still be missing u!!! 

i know a hand i want 2 hold, a voice i long 2 hear, a smile i'd die 2 see and a presence i luv 2 be near with. i miss sum1 and dat sum1 is u. its jst 2 bad i can't be with u!

i'd take all the blame not bcos i did it, its bcos i care. i'd take all the pain not bcos ideserve it, it's bcos i don't want u to feel the same. All these not bcos i want to, but it's because I love you...

I will walk with you side by side on only one condition: hide your wings everytime we walk together because the whole world might know that you're my ANGEL. 


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