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I thought i was over w u already but once i c u smile, i sudenly realize i was juz pretndng 2 b over u , juz 2 ease da pain of knowng ull nevr b mine. 

Eventhough it hurts2 know that while loving u, ur loving some1 else. its ok coz i didn't luv u bec. u luv me but just bec. iluvu 

Everyday i walk towards you, hoping that id somehow get to be with u, for at least a moment...but its hard 4 me to catch up with u if ur also trying to catch up with someone else...

Sometimes love is so unfair. the more u sacrifice, the more ur hurt, and wen u feel uve given your best, it stil seems not enuf til such time u had no choice but to give up...

If i have 1 wish, i'll wish for you, to be the one who'll take care of you, for you to love me too. but love cant be forced, it mst be given freely so id just wish that u knew how much i love you.

i was feeling a little lonely and then i asked myself what seemed 2b missing da most, da answer turned out 2b YOU! how i wish ur beside me! 

i cryd 4 d tyms u wer almost myn,i cryd 4 d memries i left bhind,i cryd 4 d pain,4 d loss,d old nd new,i cryd 4 d tyms i thought i had YOU.... 

u ddnt hir me say d words i love u.You felt me gving pain 2 u.You saw me nt being true 2 u.You even saw me tru d drkst shades of blak and blue,but wat if I tel u its always bin You ...? 

You say u like me,I dont wana biliv U.You say u care 4 me,i dint wana biliv u.You said dat u love me,stil i dont wana biliv u,but wen its tym 4 u 2 say Gudbye,I cried cos ds tym i knw... its true. 

dnt over use urself trying 2 luk 4 da1 u think u deserve. instead, u should save the best part of u, 4 da person hu deserves u! 

i don't know why i'm so afraid to lose you when your not even mine...i don't know why i love you so when you don't even love me...i don't know why your the one when i'm just a someone to you...

its hard 2 pretend dat u luv sum1 if u really don't, but it's harder 2 pretend dat u don't luv sum1 if u really do!

if m not in luv wd u wat s ds m goin tru 2nyt? f ds hart is lyin down wat shud i blv in? y do i go crazy evrytym i tnk about u? y ls do i want u lyk i do... f m nt in luv wd u?

supose 1 mornin u nvr wke up do ol ur frndz knw u luv dem? somtyms 143 cen heal n bless so tel ol ur frnz dis 3 lil wrdz n c wat it can do. So juz in case i die 2nyt... I LOVE YOU!!! 

how do I say goodbye to someone I never had?Why do tears fall for someone who was never mine?why do i miss someone i was never with? and ill ask way I loved someone whose love was never mine?

If you hesitate when I hold your hand, I'll let you go. If you run away when I give you a kiss, I'll let you go. But once you let me give you a hug, just once... I'll never let you go.

tHe MoSt cRuEl ThInG a MaN cAn Do tO A wOmAn Is tO lEt HeR fAlL In lOvE WhEn He dOeSn'T InTeNd tO cAtCh hEr FaLl.


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