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Every little hello, every little smile can touch somebody's heart. May u find hundreds of reason 2 smile 2day & may u b d reason 4 some1 else 2 smile 2. 

Ther r tmes d road may seem too long and it feels like it may never end,just rem- ember no mater how hoples life seems,ull always have ME!!!!

A plain and simple gift of "GOOD MORNNG!" wrapped with my prayer that "GOD WILL TRULY BLESS YOUR DAY!" and tied w/ a heartstring of my LOVE and CARE! GOD BLESS

Nvr rgrt dy n yr dys gv y dys gv y xprnc, bth r ssntl t lf. All r GOD's Blssngs! 

Dont run thru lyf so fast dat u 4get not only wer u've been, but also wer u're going. Lyf s not a race but a journey 2 b savored each step of d way. 

B prsn fll f love nd lif,stay simpl yet happy. Whn things g wrng,dn't g bl,just pry & say "i wil gt thrgh". Always rmmbr"GOD LOVES YU!"

Gd Mrnng! "Hmbl wrk bcms hly wrk whn t's dne fr Gd." My r dy b flld w/ jy nd pprtnts t d grt thngs fr HM!

Wake up w/ a SMIL, whisper a PRYR, hope for the BST, soar high w/ FITH, chase rainbows w/ DTRMINTIN work w/ DILIGNC & let GOD do the rest! 

Evr wonder abt d abbrev A.S.A.P.? It means: ALWAYS SAY A PRAYER.God knows how STreSSfUL life is; HE wants 2 ease r cares, & HE'll respond 2 all ur needs ASAP!

It always makes me smile whenever my cell s lift up by a message from u. Thanks 4 dat warm glow I rec'd day & nyt! 

It's nic to wake up when u know that 'r being loved by GOD, ur being needed by ur FAMILY, and ur being cherished by SOMEONE. 

hr's a smile frm me 2u, jz in cse ur filin blu, u ought 2 knw sme1's thnkn of u, so smile 4 me, let d sun shne thru 4 drs sme1 hr carng 4 u... take care!

3 STAGES OF LIFE:1st-u hv d tym & energy bt no money;2nd-u hv d money & energy bt no tym;3rd-u hv d tym & money bt no more energy! Balance evrythng & Enjoy lyf!


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