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of all the treasures in the world, there is nothing more precious than giving someone a piece of your heart.

some things are not meant to be ours, however we try, it just can't be. but it is not enough reason for us to stop trying and hoping that one day it will finally be ours.

TEXTING is a waste of tie and good money, drains our energy and makes us dumb. so why do i keep on texting you? ITS FOR THE SIMPLE REASON THAT YOU'RE SOMEONE WHO IS WORTH ALL THAT TROUBLE.

i may be too noisy when beeping by, but i tell you this... that sound means HELLO, checking if you're OK, and most of all... i remembered you today.

being simple gives you space to grow, sometimes its hard to grow when you're too close to someone. even trees are planted far from each other so they can spread their branches and mature.

may the sun always shine on you, everything go right and everything go wrong, may those you love bring love back to you and may all the wishes you wished come true. have a wonderful day. 

a ray of light, a ray of hope. a brand new day, know you could cope, when the day is done look back and see, how the good the sun has touched you and me... A PLEASANT MORNING!

the greatest challenge in your life is to find someone who knows your flaws and differences but yet still willingly embrace you with so much love and care.

Once the moon winks at you tonight, I wish you SWEET DREAMS, embrace you tight... I hope your day was quite alright and now I bid you a lovely GOODNIGHT!

I'm sending a pillow of HAPPY THOUGHTS 2 create wonderful dreams. A blanket of CARE 2 keep you warm all night and a PRAYER 2 protect you until the dawn breaks!

The perfect person of our dreams live only in our dreams. IN life we had 2 settle with whoever comes close, someone not perfect but real

An icing can make a cake so sweet, a little air can make a balloon so high, a match can make a candle bright, I hope a simple text from me can make you SMILE!!

If i wasn't able to text you right away just think the message was delayed. If I wasn't able to text you always just think I'm busy but don't think I had 4gotten you coz it would never happen

May every hour of this day bring some thing special 4 you. A thought that makes you smile, a smile that warms your heart and a heart that holds much happiness inside

A day ain't a day till you have said hello 2 the people you care so I'll say hello 2 you and hope you'll have a good day! Lots of care from me 2 you!

All mornings are like paintings, you need a little inspiration 2 get you going, a little smile to brighten it and a message from someone who cares 2 color your day... Goodmorning!!

Prayer is an open line 2 heaven. No card 2 use, no low batt problem, no error, no charging, good signal and all messages sent... so I asked him 2 watch over my little angel

As the night comes and the moon has rose, that's the end... that's how the day goes. But before I sleep I want 2 say take care, coz I am worried so call and I'll be there... Goodnight!!


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