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QT- every time you hurt me only these words enter my mind I LOVE YOU STILL. And every time you hurt me, more of these words enter my heart I LOVE YOU MORE!

Don’t shed your tears for someone who hurt you. Don’t long for that person if they left. Don’t feel sorry if you failed when you tired your best. Someone is out there more deserved for your time and love!!! 

Before I go to sleep, you know what I do? I think of you and when its my lucky night, I dream of you, I don’t want to wake up because when I do, you know what? I just start missing you!

QT: ask me why I keep on loving you when its clear that you don’t feel the same way for me…the problem with me is that as much as I cant force you to love me…I cant force myself to stop loving you!!!

I have seen you cry, fall down and stumble. That’s when I was watching you from a far. But now that we became close, I’ll never again let you fall. Because I’ll always be there ready to catch you….”

Touch my heart and you will feel… listen to my heart and you will hear…look into my heart and you will see…that you will always be…a special part of me…

QT: I love you! Why am I saying this to you? So that tomorrow if I don't wake up you'll remember that my final moment in life was spent in telling you how much you mean to me…

Who are you to bother me so much? Who are you that can't make me sleep at night? When I hear your name my heart pound, I don't know what to do, God help me I think I'm falling in love with you

I may not show you everyday nor tell you I care! I may be childish in many ways at times you will get annoyed. So don't be fooled by the moods I wear, because deep inside I really care!

Last night I dreamt of heaven. That was the most beautiful place and I never wanted to leave. But when I woke up, you crossed my mind and I said: heaven can wait coz I have my paradise here with you.

do u often 1der f sum1 is thinking of u? do u often 1der if sum1 out there misses u? do u often 1der if sum1 loves u? well, stop wondering coz I do!

How I wish me n u will b 2gether, hw I wish you'll leave me never, hw I wish my arms r around your shoulder, hw I wish me and u will last 4ever

I heard sum1 whisper your name today, but when I turned around 2 c who it was, I noticed I was alone. that's when I realized that it was my hart telling me how much I miss u...

count d fish in d ocean, those are the days I'll care 4 u. count the stars n d sky, that's how often ill think of u. count on forever, that's d time ill b there 4 u!

it took me a long time finding u, your sum1 I want 2 b with after death. and f I find myself n heaven without your hand... ill go searching 4 u all over again... 

even when I have 1wish... I wouldn't wish 4 u 2 love me, coz I dont want your love 2 come from a wish... but rather straight from your hart...Ü

QT: If I tell u "I love u," u will think m lying. But I'd rather tell u I love u & let u think I'm lying than say I dont love u & know for sure that I'm lying.


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