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A hart s a small place where many people can dwell... wanna visit the place? here's my heart, open it & you'll see that you've got a big place inside of me...

I 1dered what my life would b f there was no u. f u were not there 2 love me & inspire me, I guess I would not know an almost perfect girl like u can exist n this world & teach me what love really is...

u may not care 4 me d way I care 4u. u may not fill anything 4 me even f I fill so much 4u & may never even love me even if ill always b here LOVING U!

I dont want 2 lose my eyes coz f I do, I wont b able 2 c u smile. I dont want 2 lose my hand coz f I do, I can't b able 2 hold u. but id rather lose all this than lose u!

all I ever wanted was sum1 2 care 4 me. all I ever wanted was sum1 who would b there 4 me. all I ever wanted was sum1 who would b true. all I ever wanted was sum1 like u!

QT: give my mind 4 it cant 4 get how life began the day we met. 4give my soul 4 it sees that we're really meant 2 b. 4give this feelings I just cant kill. 4give my heart, it loves u still...

last night I hugged my pillow & dreamed of u... I wish that someday, I would dream about my pillow & id be hugging u.

I LOVE U s d only thing my mind thinks of, the only words my lips say, the only emotion my heart feels. I hope u feel my love that's meant 4 u coz my heart asks 4 u!

if I were given a chance 2 change 1 part of my life, I would not make friends w/u coz I want u more than that so it wouldn't be hard 4 me 2 tell u I LOVE U...

QT; I cant tell I love u, I cant tell u my filings, but I know their really there. I cant tell I want u coz I want u to stay. F I tell u my emotions, you might go away. 

cant say I don't like u since its not true, cant bear to leave u coz I care 4 u, cant say a word when with u coz all I can think of s how much I love u.

love is something special, a treasure I want 2 find... 2 others, love is blind but 4 me, its not true, coz when I fell in love... I saw u!

QT: if I cud wish & make it true, that's to share a life w/u. f I cud speak to let you know, that's to say I love you. so if I cud hold u & let it still, that's 2 embrace your love 4 real...

you know, I regret the day I knew you! you never showed me importance. you never let me felt special! whets more I regret that I learned to love u!

QT: wish I could hold you in my arms, keep you safe from harm. I just wish that I could tell you just how much I love you!

someday you'll find d 1 u r looking 4, d 1 who would treat u right & love u more. someday you'll see d love your destined 2 be & ill always hope & see that d person would always & will be... ME!

Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile and finds in your presence that life is worth while so when you are lonely remember this true somebody somewhere is thinking of you!

QT: U do your things and I do mine, am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and u are not in this world to live up mine. U are u and I and I, is threes a chance for it to be YOU and I?


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