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Someone told me that there really is such thing as magic. But I never believed in that till I saw your smile and felt your touch. Then I realized your the one magical thing on earth who could turn this world to paradise."

I have the "I" I have the "l" I have the "o" I have the "v" I have the "e" so when can I have "u"? 

when I'm away from you, I'm still with you. when my eyes are closed, I could still see you. when I'm awake, I still dream of you. when I feel I have everything, I still need you. and no matter what, I'll always love you. 

what if I said "I like you", would you text back and say it's ok? what if I tell you "I miss you", would you go back and say you'll stay? how about if I confess that "I love you" would you ever text back? 

even d richest king cant compare 2 d greatest treasure I have. he may own tings I can only dream of... but he certainly doesn't have what I got n its YOU...u 

f ever m given d chance 2 kiss u , id probably do it at night.. where u lay asleep on your bed , beneath d moon light sky... where d stars can watch me , make my dream a reality. 

I choose to love you in silence in which I found no rejection, I choose to adore you in my loneliness for in loneliness one owns you but me.

if I was given d chance 2 know a secret, I wish 2 know all d things that give u happiness... coz there's no other meaningful gift in this world than 2 see u happy

It's not who r 2 the world, but who r 2 me... it's not what can give, but what already have... it's not how many times I say I care 4 you, it's how much I do.

the space between your fingers so that another person's fingers could fill them... hope you find your dream hand to hold you forever.

a heart is a small place where many people can dwell... wanna visit the place? here's my heart, open it, and you'll see that you've got a big place inside of me.

I wondered what my life would be if there was no you, if you were not there to love me and inspire me, I guess I would not know an almost perfect guy like you can exist in this world and teach me what love really is.

QT: my friends told me that life starts when you fall in love so they asked me when does my life starts? I said to them my life started on the day when I first met you!

QT: I may be too innocent to know what love is. I may not show you the way you know it. I may not love you the way I should be, but imp always willing to love you the way I understand...

why say hi, if you can say hello? why say lets go out, if you mean I want to be with you? why say stay, if you can say be with me? why say I care when your heart say I love you?

flatter me, I may not believe you. criticize me, I may hate. ignore me, I may never forgive you. love me and I will never forget you.

you must be tired coz you've been running thru my mind... you must be a robber coz you stole my heart... and I must be a bad shooter coz I keep on missing you!


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