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others say life is unfair, well its true! others are jealous of me, well they really should be. you wanna know why? Hmmm... coz iv got a FRIEND like you.

walk with me when your heart needs company. take my hand when you fill all alone, turn to me when you need someone to lean on coz im a friend you can always depend on.

FRIENDSHIP is impossible to be kept to oneself. it radiates outward and blesses everyone within its reach, just as your friendship cares enough to send the very best!

I never regret the chance i gave myself to know you... coz now you're a part of me that i'll cherish till the end. i'm happy having known you, hope you fell the same way too.

FRIENDS are like coals on fire, together they glow, apart, they die out! Hope the glow that we have wont ever die out! YOU and I, WE are FRIENDS 4 LIFE.

being visible is not always the requirement for being close. it just takes some thoughtfulness and concern to capture the heart of a Friend.

you are a big part of my life, thanks for you're love and care i'll always e your friend. i just hope we'll always be friends forever.

Friend; I may not be the last person 2 know your secrets, may not be the last 2 run 2 you in times of downs.... but I know the least i can do is sit beside you and hold your hand 2 let you know everything's fine

God is so wise that he never created a friend with prize tag, because if he did, I can't afford a friend like you!

A real friend not only goes out with you anywhere you go, but also remembers you no matter how busy they are, who takes their time to say...."HI FRIEND"

SMILE can make people GLAD. LOVE can make people TRUST. HATE can make poeple MAD... but FRIENDS? They make LIFE WORTH LIVING 4! Glad you're a friend!

Cute: if I could reach up and hold a star 4 everytime you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand

There are 4 stages in a relationship: 
1. strangers 
2. friends
3. sweethearts
4. marriage
before we were strangers, now we're friends, hoping 2 be sweethearts... hoping 2 marry you

Your friendship is an important part of my life, I guess some feelings are just 2 nig 4 words, yet words are the only way I have 2 tell you just how much you mean 2 me

If i wasn't able to text you right away just think the message was delayed. If I wasn't able to text you always just think I'm busy but don't think I had 4gotten you coz it would never happen

True friends are hard 2 find kaya mahirap akong hanapin, real friends are few kaya in demand ako, friends come and go - that's why I came into your life and I promise not to go!

Sometimes, we met a person along life's way and walk together, if only 4 a little while... and it makes all the difference. I'm so glad our paths crossed.


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